Whether you’re new to shooting targets or feel as though you have hit a plateau with your shooting abilities, there is always room to improve your shooting accuracy. To help boost your accuracy, it will take discipline, practice and a lot of ammunition.

Below are helpful tips to help you improve your shooting.

  • Slow Down – Even though you want to shoot fast, it’s important to remember that speed will cause you to sacrifice your accuracy. Focus on  sight and trigger control. When working with a rifle, start at 25 yards and
  • with a handgun at 5 yards. Watch your gun targets patterns, and once the pattern is narrowed down, then you can pick up the pace.
  • Dry Fire – Dry fire practice is very important. It can save you valuable money on ammunition. When doing dry fire practice, always make sure there is no ammunition in the gun. While dry firing is boring, it’s important to know the weight of the gun without any noise or recoil. If you’re dry firing in a home, make sure to pull the blinds and notify anyone in the house, so they aren’t surprised to see a gun being used in the home.
  • Off the Bench – It’s easy to become reliant on a shooting bench. It is important to practice from all different types of field positions, such as kneeling, sitting, squatting and off-hand.
  • Training Routines – Vary your shooting routines, so you don’t get into a rut. Consider dividing practice into three different stages: basic shooting skills, skills you know well and skills that are difficult. Try incorporating new or advanced skills towards the end of your shooting routine. Differ your shooting targets, so you don’t get in a rut.
  • When to Stop – Know when you’re tired and when to stop practicing. If you have too much on your mind from work, your ammunition will be wasted, and you risk developing poor shooting habits.