Most people that buy a home for home safety protection do not take into account the caliber and ammunition type. The general theory is that the larger the bullet in the gun, the better chance of hitting the intruder. However, it is important to find a gun and ammunition that works best for your needs. After all, a 9mm hit is far better than a miss with a .45 caliber bullet.

The reality is that most gunshot wounds are survivable today. This means that regardless of what caliber you use, shot placement is more important. Shots to the brain and chest cavity have the best chances of quickly incapacitating attackers.

It is important to consider your body type and shape when purchasing a home defense gun. If you are petite and have smaller hands, the recoil from a .45 caliber is going to be back blowing. However, smaller hands can easily operate the enhanced controls of a 9mm pistol, giving more control in emergencies.

Some people purchase less expensive “ball” or full metal jacket ammunition for home defense situations. Ball ammo is acceptable for training, but it generally passes through people, which minimize the effects of the bullet. It also increases the chances of hitting an unintended target nearby, such as neighbors or a family member. It is common for ball ammunition to penetrate through several interior walls.

When facing a home-defense situation, hollow-point ammunition is the best. These are designed for optimal expansion upon impact, which creates a larger wound and also helps to contain the bullet.

Safely storing a firearm is also important. You don’t want to keep a loaded gun accessible to children, irresponsible adults or even in the path of an intruder to use against you.
A solid, safe choice for storing your firearm and having it accessible to you during emergencies is a biometric safe. These types of safes are programmed to open using a fingerprint. These safes are pricey but well worth the safety and peace of mind for home security.

Responsible gun owners regularly practice with their guns, making sure they are ready for any type of emergency situation that may arise. Regular practice shooting targets will help you improve your aim and accuracy, both of which are vital when faced with life-threatening situations. Opt for AR500 steel targets, as they are solid and offer long time use.