People understand the importance of having a food storage supply, as this is necessary for weather emergencies, national disasters or other harmful global events. It is just as important to have an emergency survival gear kit on hand.

Highlighted below are our top 10 emergency gear recommendations:

  1. Emergency Kit – A basic emergency kit includes a good knife, a multi-tool and LED flashlights.
  2. Water Filter – There are different types of water filtration kits based on the number of people in a group that will need fresh water. Individuals can opt for a microfilter water bottle. Additionally, there are different filtration options that range from filtering thousands of gallons to those that accommodate large groups of people.
  3. Emergency Food – Opt for freeze-dried entrees, energy bars or other items that are easy to pack in case staying at home is not an option.
  4. Gun – Consider buying a handgun or rifle, which can help someone survive in areas that have dangerous wild animals. It can also be used to hunt game or for emergency self-defense situations.Remember that if you own a gun, it is important to regularly practice shooting targets, so you are fluent, using this deadly weapon. When purchasing shooting targets, opt for AR500 steel targets.
  5. Shelter – Opt for tents that feature rain flys and taped seams.
  6. Warmth – Opt for a reflective emergency bag and pocket hand warmers. If someone has to sleep outdoors, temperatures plummet, and it is important to avoid hypothermia.
  7. First Aid Kit – Purchase a small, basic first aid kit that contains individual items, such as pain reliever, bandages, alcohol wipes, etc.
  8. Power – Consider purchasing a solar battery charger. While it won’t keep household appliances running, it can charge cell phones or rechargeable radio batteries.
  9. Communications – A shortwave radio can help in a true emergency.
  10. Cooking – To have a way to boil water, research small collapsible stoves, which are excellent for outdoor cooking. Make sure to have fuel and matches in the emergency kit too.