Summer hunting usually involves searching for coyotes, squirrels, wild hogs and prairie dogs. Summer hunting trips are fun and enjoyable for older kids, parents, men and women.

To prepare for summer hunting trips, make sure to follow these helpful guidelines:

  • Avoid the Heat – Always bring plenty of water. The average person requires at least two quarts of water daily to survive. If hunting in extreme heat, this amount goes up.
  • Leave Early – To avoid mid-day summertime heat, leave early. Most small game adjusts their schedules to come out at dawn and dusk. Animals are more active during the day and evening hours when it isn’t too hot outside. Consider scouting during peak heat hours and relaxing around camp.

Boost Productivity

Check off pre-season chores by preparing for fall and big game hunts. Summertime gives hunters an excellent opportunity to check their favorite areas for big game movement. Consider setting up tree cameras to learn big game’s patterns as the seasons move on.

If areas allow baiting, consider starting food plots in the late spring, as this will help attract deer during the summer, which makes it easy to start tracking their regular activities. Use the summertime to clear out underground brush and clear for additional shooting lanes, which will make it easy to set up tree stands and blinds. Become familiar with hunting grounds, regularly walking trails and becoming more familiar with the grounds.

Use this time to practice shooting gun targets. Opt for high-quality steel targets, as these will last season after season. Hone your skills, purchase new weapons and become fluent in learning how to shoot and reload guns effectively. Walk rough terrain, set up rifles with sights and learn how to relax and get comfortable shooting in different positions, such as lying down, standing, kneeling, etc.

Practice makes perfect and fall hunting season will arrive sooner than anticipated. Maintain gear, explore favorite hunting spots and get in top shape for fall.